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Where it all began...

Where it all began...

Posted by Tabitha, Fingerprints. on 20th Apr 2014

Hello lovely readers! I am often asked how and why I started fingerprints and as we celebrate fingerprint's 12th birthday this week I thought it might be nice to share the story behind it all.

So...the name...fingerprints...chosen because when I first started making jewellery a close friend who had received many pieces as gifts pointed out that my fingerprints were all over the beads.

Each piece I make is individual and often a one-off so it just seemed like the perfect name...also a great reminder of the precious gift that our own fingerprints are to us. A special sign of our individuality and value. Wherever we go we leave our fingerprints and on whatever we make we leave our unique stamp.

Just as our Creator has left His fingerprints all over us!

Happy Easter :-)